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Lacey Kendall

About Our Vice President

Lacey Kendall has been a Southern California broadcaster for over thirty years. Most well known for her work on KCAL FM, Lacey is also a former Hollywood voice casting-director, and president of The American Advertising Federation. She is currently the broadcast and media-marketing consultant for California State University's San Bernardino and Palm Desert campus.  Lacey is our consultant on all media marketing, advertising, and branding.

Lacey Kendall has also enjoyed over 25 years of professional experience hosting and emceeing major public events and reporting for local and national broadcasters. She has spent over 25,000 hours behind the mic and in front of audiences! During her career as an air personality, Lacey has introduced over 50 world famous artists-live, in front of as many as 10,000 people, over the air and at large-scale arena events!

Lacey is known for her powerful speaking ability, her warm and humorous approach, and her ability to captivate and engage large audiences of all ages. Lacey was even asked to give the commencement address to 3000 grads and guests at the Westwood College's graduation ceremony 2014! Major American event organizers, companies, and broadcast corporations have sought Lacey Kendall to host their awards, benefits, and commencement, convention, broadcast or concert events!

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