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Beat the Heat, No Sweat!

Beat the Heat, No Sweat!

Beat the Heat, No Sweat!

All Southern Californians know that the ushering in of summer means high-energy bills and reasons to be away from the house as much as possible to save on those high-energy bills. Most of us are burning out our AC units, which can come with a not-so-hot price tag. Here are some ideas to beat the heat and hopefully save some pocket change along the way.

The most affordable way to ditch the heat for a short period of time is hanging out at a local Cooling Center. The Inland Empire has an amazing resource of cooling centers in your area, just go to www.ieshineon.com/guide/inland-empire-cooling-center/ and find the nearest center.

Walking around the mall can easily kill two hours of your time and there are always some yummy treats in the form of ice cream and smoothies to help cool you off. In our household, we use fans, squirt bottles, and icepacks to help temporarily relieve the overheating. Being a Southern Californian, I consider myself to blessed to be close enough to drive to the beach or drive up the mountain to get some relief. Just some gas money and a little drive time, you can easily escape the entire day of sweating and just being plain miserable.

For those hardcore fitness enthusiasts, please leave running and bike riding for early mornings and evenings. This heat is incredibly dangerous, so take it easy during the day if at all possible. Leave chores for the early morning or after sundown. It cannot be stressed enough that you must hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Being dehydrated can cause all sorts of health issues, so stay on top of that water. Not a fan of water? Try adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet. A big healthy salad with a side of watermelon will help hydrate you.

Be safe out there and be wise.

Article Written By: Jamie

Photo Credit: Marina

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