1881 Commercenter East #138 San Bernardino, CA. 92408


Primary: To offer home buyers, home sellers, and those who dream of being either; direct access to a network of the finest businesses: those with the greatest record of Integrity and services in the Inland Empire, and then to offer them a discount unavailable to ANYONE outside of the Inland Empire Homeowners Club.
Secondary: To create a vetted network of the finest business operators in the Inland Empire and provide them with a private and direct channel to great homeowners, home buyers, and those about to become either.
Third: To become a unified voice for small business, local business, homeowners, home sellers, and borrowers located in inland Southern California. To fight for the rights and abilities, and to help our members connect with the finest business operators, ultimately to assure them safety from being shorted, ripped off, over-priced, under served, or taken advantage of.
Fourth: To provide our members with an ally, to help them when services are not rendered fairly to them.


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Meet The Board Members

The Inland Empire Homeowners Club board members consist of Lisa Gordon as President, Lacey Kendall as the Vice President, and Bobbi Albano who is serving as the Treasurer for the club! Each board member take their roles very seriously and have been serving the club with great attention since its launch in 2017.